Stop Recycled Stolen Phones

8 Key Actions
to prevent stolen mobile phones from being recycled

  1. The date and time of the transaction; (A transaction is where a mobile phone or mobile device is offered to a recycler in exchange for a payment or redeemable credit).
  2. A description sufficient where reasonably possible to identify the mobile phone consisting of at least the International Mobile Identity Number or other such serial numbers in the case of other mobile devices;
  3. The name and address of the person/organisation who is offering the device for recycling;
  4. The date and time of checking of the IMEI or serial number against a recognized database on which registered IMEI numbers and other serial numbers are recorded to indicate a mobile phone or device has been reported by its rightful owner as having been removed from their possession either by theft or loss;
  5. A clear process whereby any payments to be made against any goods offered are recorded and handled in such a way as to be able to be provide an audit trail in the event of subsequently the goods are found to be as not having been offered by their rightful owner;
  6. The process whereby the recycler ensures that the appropriate authority is informed that a mobile phone or mobile device previously reported as not being in the hands of the legal owner has been identified; (The appropriate authority may be a Police Service, UK Mobile Network, Insurance Company or other such organisation who has a legitimate claim of ownership to the item identified. This process will be automated via the Check Mend Service);
  7. The process in accordance with the guiding principles that enable the transferring legal ownership to the recycler or the final disposal of the item; if an item having been identified as being stolen is not reclaimed by the appropriate authority within 28 days of notification then the member company is free to dispose of the item.
  8. Every entry made in every record kept by a person in pursuance of these principles shall be retained by him until the end of the period of two years beginning with the day on which the entry was made in the record.

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